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Preparing for your eyelash extension appointment

A few do's and dont's to help prepare before arriving to your lash appointment, whether it is your first time or coming in for a fill.


Shower prior to your appointment

Eliminating any unnecessary contact with water or steam within the first 48 hours will ensure that the bond between the extensions and your natural lashes has enough time to properly cure (set).

Wear comfortable clothing

You will be lying down for 60 - 120 minutes with dimmed lights and soft music as your backdrop during your eyelash application. Comfortable clothes will allow you to make the most of this time to relax and be pampered.

Turn off your cellphone / Switch to silent just prior to your appointment 

This is truly a time to sit back and relax, ringing cellphones will only interrupt your treatment. Enjoy the 'me' time and let your lash transformation begin.


Wear makeup - Especially Eye Makeup

Make-up products worn close to the eye will need to be removed prior to the lash application process. Coming to your appointment with a clean face will save time and eliminate the need for your lash stylist to remove your eye make-up.

Apply face creams or sunblock to the eye area

The oils within many moisturisers and sunblock can prevent the eyelash glue from properly adhering to your natural lashes, dramatically reducing the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Wear mascara 

Lashes must be fresh and clean in order to be properly prepped to receive eyelash extensions. Proper removal of mascara by your lash stylist at the start of your appointment might take time, therefore, resulting in a shorter time to apply the extensions. No mascara!

Curl your lashes on the day of your lash application

We need your lashes to be in the most natural and healthy state they can be prior to your lash extension application. Please do not curl your eyelashes or use any other form of manipulation on them  on the day of your appointment.

Wear large or dangly earrings 

The lash application process requires you to lay with your head propped on a comfortable support pillow. Large or dangly earrings can often get in the way making it difficult for you to remain comfortable during the complete application time.

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