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Caring for your eyelash extensions

Now that you have your beautiful new lash extensions, you're going to want to protect your investment. We will give you all the information you need to care for your Allure Lashes eyelash extensions, and keep the compliments coming!

Within the first 24 - 48 hours after your eyelash extension application avoid getting your eyelashes wet so that the glue may properly cure (set). The first 24 hours are the most important time to ensure that your lashes will last .After that time frame however, it is important to remember that water is not the enemy! To maintain the health and longevity of your eyelash extensions we recommend gently washing your eyelashes with The Lash and Brow Cleanser from The Lash Collection or an oil-free cleanser. Just remember ... no scrubbing!



Do not pick or pull your extensions. Keep the area around your eyes clean by blotting with a clean, soft wash cloth. Never rub directly on your eyelashes.



For active individuals, please try to wear a head band to keep your hair and sweat away from your eye area.



Avoid steam from hot baths and showers, or excessive heat from saunas or tanning beds within the first 48 hours. We advise keeping sauna and tanning salon visits to a minimum even after this initial time frame to help preserve the life of your eyelash extensions.



Avoid eyelash curlers to prevent breakage of your extensions.



For make-up removal, please avoid oil based cleansers or removers. Instead, use water or gel based cleansers that will not interfere with the bond of the glue.



Avoid cotton balls, cotton rounds or other fibrous cleaning pads. Fibers may get lodged in the base of the extension and can cause irritation.



Chemical peels, Alpha-Hydroxy and other highly acidic substances should also be avoided whilst wearing your fabulous new eyelash extensions. These substances will dissolve the glue resulting in premature loss of your extensions.



Never pull off the extensions as this will pull out your natural lashes.



Gently comb through the lashes each morning to maintain a good appearance. Try to avoid combing from the root of the extension as this might loosen the base resulting in a weakened bond, alternatively, start from the middle of the lashes.



Please remember to schedule your re-lash (fill) within two to three weeks after your initial appointment in order to replace any lashes that have completed their lash cycle. Following this timeline will help ensure that your lashes are always at their most beautiful and fullest.

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