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Allure Lashes and Aesthetics



At Allure Lashes, we firmly believe that exceptional service is non-negotiable.

It's the small, exquisite details that truly set us apart - our therapists' exceptional skills and genuine passion, the use of high-end quality products, the thoughtful WhatsApp reminders that bridge the gap between you and your appointment, and the pure comfort of reclining on a spacious bed topped with a memory foam mattress.

Allure Lashes thrives on a simple principle: giving our clients remarkable service without the hefty price tag. Our therapists are driven by their profound passion, guaranteeing that you leave feeling not only beautiful but truly valued.


Our commitment to unwavering quality and top-notch service is ironclad. When you choose one of our therapists, you'll step into a world where you're the center of attention - because you genuinely are to us.

We firmly believe that communication is the foundation of a stellar experience. Few things are as frustrating as being stuck on hold while trying to book an appointment. That's why we've gone that extra mile, offering various booking options: from the convenience of online booking to the personal touch of SMS, WhatsApp, email, or a simple phone call.

Our Treatments

Individual Lash Extensions

We offer classic and volume lashes



Curling of natural lashes using a perm solution creating a open eye look. Often followed by tinting

Permanent Make-up

Eyeliner, Powdered Brows, Microblading and Lips

Spray Tan

We only use a quality spray tan solution that will give you a healthy and gorgeous sun-kissed glow

Lamelle Peels & Facials

Gentle yet extremely effective peels that help combat acne, pigmentation, and aging

Nails, Hands & Feet

Taking care of your hands, nails and feet by offering all popular treatments

Female and Male Waxing

Waxing treatments offered to male and female clients


We offer a wide variety of massages to help relieve every day stresses and tension

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